• Amazing administrative support from a team that actually shares in your/our success.
  • Uncompromising character. We never waiver from the integrity with which we have built this company. Not once in 30+ years.
  • A culture of empowerment. We empower our internal team and our independent advisors to achieve more success. We’ve prepared and have a track record of investing in our advisors success.
  • Favorable compensation. We are very competitive in how we compensate our advisors and our team.
  • Diverse products. We are competitive with the most diverse IMOs regarding product offerings.
  • Diverse planning expertise. We have an experienced and talented team of experts to support your strategic planning for your clients.
  • Commitment to your success. We have many powerful programs to help you build, manage and sustain a professional practice.
  • Investing in your success. We have a track record of investing in our advisors success. We measure our success by how well we contributing to yours.
  • Study groups and top producer retreats.  The best ideas come from the field and not a home office.  We believe in facilitating time with seasoned agents to share ideas that work.