Core Philosophies:

  • Our team members have a vested interest in helping you close business – earning a percentage of the revenue is how they get paid.


  • Complete, customized financial and estate plans
  • Advanced case experience and consultation
  • Illustrations faxed/mailed/emailed same day in most cases
  • Experienced team that have spent time in the field
  • Customizable marketing pieces and discounted bulk mailing rates available
  • Teleconferences on planning and products
  • Broker/Dealer affiliation that does not require indexed products to go through the grid
  •  Wealthy and Wise (Insmark), Roth Conversion, Social Security, etc. software
  • Powerful marketing and prospecting seminars
  • Access to incredible branding, marketing and referral experts
  • Monthly conference calls

Products & Solutions:

  • Industry-leading Equity Indexed and fixed life companies
  • Top Equity Indexed annuities with multiple crediting strategies and indexes to choose from
  • Top commissions paid weekly in most cases
  • Long-term, permanent guaranteed products
  • TimeSaver application allows parameds and physician reports to be shared with a number of other companies if you are not happy with the rating we’ve offered your life client
  • Proprietary, cutting-edge life and annuity products